Press Release: National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan

Sound Sculpture – Inside The 100 Foot Piano
Artist – An-Ting Chung

Sound and Visual artist An-Ting Chung has created her third sound exhibition. Sponsored in part by the National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan, this one is a sound sculpture entitled Inside The 100 Foot Piano. Here she has the piano’s 88 notes represented by 88 loudspeakers arranged in an acoustical landscape whose perimeter is over 280 feet, hence the exhibition’s title. Ms. Chung’s strategic positioning of the loudspeakers, and placement of the audience inside this sound-field result in a three dimensional listening experience in which music comes alive as never before, where each note seems to ‘glow’ with life, and the ensemble of notes as a whole seem to journey through a panorama of space. It is simply an unbelievable listening experience, way beyond surround sound.

The music source in this exhibition is a high definition digital audio recreation of the famous 1955 recording of pianist Glenn Gould’s performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, made possible with software developed by Zenph Studios technology. 

Ms. Chung received a BA in Philosophy from Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, and an MFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design, reflecting her strong interest in film. After graduating she developed another passion─sound, leading her to enroll for a year in the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan.

Currently, Ms. Chung is Audio Director and Chief Sound Designer for Entertainment Development & Productions, Ltd. (EDP) in Manhattan, specializing in providing ‘fifty million dollar’ sound to the low-budget independent film industry, a position she has held the past three years, and in which time has become distinguished in her ability to produce, record and mix all genres of live musical performances, from classical to rock─a distinction few women achieve in the male dominated world of professional sound.


For inquiries and reservations call 212-473-5330

Sound Sculpture – Inside The 100 Foot Piano

At Legacy Recording Studios, Studio A509. 509 W. 38th Street between 10th & 11th Ave.
Directions: take A, C, E subway line to 42nd St./Port Authority; studio is 1 block east of Javitz Center

12/13/07 Thursday, 12/14/07 Friday  10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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